Evenstate now on Glipple
December 10th 2015
We were recently invited to be a part of this really cool new initiative called Glipple. You can check out our EP there, along with many other new and independent bands!

'Inside' Reviews
October 23rd 2015
Here are some new reviews of our EP 'Inside' for your reading pleasure (some are in Dutch). We're really happy with the reception so far and can't wait to bring you all our next effort!

Wings of Death
Lords of Metal

Have a great weekend!

Evenstate on Spotify and iTunes!
October 20th 2015
We are now on Spotify and iTunes. Go check us out!


Evenstate Spotify and iTunes
Mixing in session
September 23rd 2015
We're working hard on the project we shot and recorded last month and are very excited with the results so far! More information to come soon.

Mixing Live Rehearsal
Order your copy of 'Inside' today!
September 21st 2015
Have you ordered your copy of 'Inside' yet? We're hard at work sending all these packages out, but there are still plenty left! So if you haven't yet, be sure to send us a message or mail at and we'll get one to you as quickly as we can (at €9,99 plus shipping). You can also ask a member in person if that's more your style and they'll be sure to set things in motion for you!

Physical Copy
Shooting a Live Rehearsal!
August 24th 2015
Yesterday was a lot of fun! We shot so much footage and probably tore a dozen of muscles, but it was all worth it. There'll be more information to follow later and we can't wait to share it all with you!

Live Rehearsal
Testing some GoPro Footage
August 19th 2015
We'll be shooting a very cool project over the weekend, so we've been testing some footage with a neat little GoPro camera. It looks great so far!

Evenstate's EP on the web
August 11th 2015
Our debut EP 'Inside' was featured on Prog Metal Zone's new releases post this week! We're featured alongside a diverse group of bands, hailing from all around the world. We also got a mention on Adam Marx's weekly Hit List shortly after our EP was released. Check them out below:

Prog Metal Zone's new releases (August 7th 2015):

Prog Metal Zone Adam Marx's Mind: The Hit List (July 27th, 2015):

Adam Marx's Mind Thanks for the inclusion, guys!
Our good buddy Thomas de Graaf
August 10th 2015
We'd like to give a big shout-out to our good buddy Thomas de Graaf, who played a key role in defining Evenstate's visual presentation. We loved his input and design choices from the beginning and hope to work with him again in the future! Check out his work here:

Thomas de Graaf
Physical release for debut EP 'Inside'
July 29th 2015
We are currently running a limited physical run of our debut EP 'Inside'. You can get one for €9,99 plus shipping. If you want to order a CD you can send us an e-mail at with your details. We'll get back to you with shipping and payment details as soon as possible.

Debut EP ‘Inside’ available online for free
July 27th 2015
We have decided to give away our debut release 'Inside' for free!

You can watch a full-length stream of our EP on YouTube:

In addition you can listen to high-quality streams of the individual tracks on SoundClound:

If you do want a hard-copy version of our album, stay put.. We will have a limited number of CDs ready for sale very soon.

Debut EP ‘Inside’ out July 2015
June 26th 2015
We are proud to announce the release of our debut EP ‘Inside’, on July 25th, 2015. This self-recorded and self-produced album contains six tracks of heavy hitting violence, sung together by Moniek's powerful vocal performance.

The following weeks we will share a number of teasers of the rehearsal and recording proces - so you can all get a taste of the final product.

Keep an eye on our site for updates on the release and don’t hesitate to visit one of our social media pages.